Major Barry “Hoot” Busby, a Chaplain in the US Army, contacted us in August of 2017 about modifying a family heirloom table with some of our Sinker Honduras Mahogany. The table was built by his Great Grandfather from scrap Mahogany he acquired while working for the Illinois Central Railroad prior to World War II. Instead of me going on about it, Major Busby was kind enough to send me a history of the original and what he did to turn it from a small breakfast/supper table to a great dining table to seat his whole family, (including 6 children). Here is his summary after the table was finished:

“Wrapping up a dream project. This original breakfast/supper table was built out of mahogany by my great-grandfather George G. Busby when he worked for the Illinois Central Railroad as a pattern maker and boiler maker in Paducah, KY. The last locomotive he built the boiler for is on display in McComb, MS, my hometown, where he eventually returned to Family whose generations go back to at least pre-Civil War. We are not sure of the date, but it was built sometime between to early 1940-1950’s, likely during WWII, and likely from scrounged wood, though we are not sure. My Dad remembers Grandaddy George eating every breakfast and supper at this table (the lunch (or dinner) meal was eaten at the big table in the dining area, Mom and Dad have that table now). My uncle George (named for Grandaddy) remembers Grandmother putting a cloth over it after his passing and propagating her African violets. I was graciously given this table after hurricane Katrina to help us reestablish. Grandaddy had also had to rebuild his life after a flood in KY, where he had to carry Grandmother out of the rising waters.

Several years ago I began to wonder, based on the way it was constructed, if I could convert it to a full dining table with leaves. The hardware was available, but it had to be the right wood. Last year, I discovered Greener Lumber LLC and contacted Rich. He was very excited to help me and together, we picked out the wood. It is from a log that was sunk on the way to the mill in Belize over 100 years ago and was an old growth tree. After much discussion, we decided to go back with the original oil finish and let the “new wood” patina in place to match the original. This has been my favorite project of all time. Grandaddy George and Grandmother Thelma, shall we say, loved me to the point of spoiling. Though I was young when he died after a fishing trip, and she eventually passed away in a nursing home, my memories of them came flooding back as I rubbed my hand over the ageless scars on the wood, rubbed in the oil, and assembled the final pieces. I smile every time I sit down to eat.

Thanks so much, Rich and the Greener Lumber team.”

Barry “Hoot” Busby

Nuff Said….. As you see in the pics below the table leaves definately need time to patina so as to match Grandaddy George’s original but for now imagine the look when they do….. this was a masterful heirloom made into a piece that I’m sure will live on as a wonderful memory of multiple generations adding to the story. Great Work Hoot!! ….. And Thank You Sir for your Service.