Special projects should be built from special woods.

We offer many different species of sinker tropical hardwoods that are not only certified to be material of the stature described but is also a great green alternative. It’s true. You can now obtain and work with exotic hardwood of a quality that has not been seen since the day of sailing ships and all without the guilt trip tied to environmental issues.

For upwards of 200 years this material has been patiently lying in wait at the bottom of rivers and streams throughout the tropics and is now being reclaimed. Now it is available for you to create a stunning project using the finest material possible.

Sinker Honduras Mahogany
(Swietenia macrophylla): We have available, at the moment, straight grained and highly figured material in widths up to 20″ and Read more
Guanacaste Hardwood For Sale
(Enterolobium cyclocarpum): Heartwood is walnut brown, with dark variegated streaks. In some instances a reddish tinge can be apparent. The Read more
Sinker Santa Maria Hardwood For Sale
(Calophyllum brasiliense): Used for a wide rang of products from flooring to furniture and is a staple for hardwoods in Read more
Sinker Caribbean Heart Pine For Sale
(Pinus caribbaea): A long leaf pine with very beautiful grain that looks similar to the old long leaf heart pine Read more
Sapodilla Hardwood For Sale
Commonly known in Central America as “Chicle”. This is the tree that was discovered in 1910 to have a very Read more
Bullet Tree Lumber For Sale
(Bucida buceras): A very heavy, hard, but workable hardwood with outstanding grain character. We have material in inventory in widths Read more